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Linda O.
Hear Linda's Story

"Cancer had brought me to my knees…then it brought me to my feet!"

Carolyn W.
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"Since breast cancer, I’ve learned not to stress about things in life."

Gina C.
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"Always go to your checkups, and never take good health for granted!"

Ivy P.
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"People’s prayers were a big help. They were just as important as the chemo!"

Brittany G.
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"Giving up was not an option. I had a son who needed his mom!"

Kristie P.
Hear Kristie's Story

"I didn’t know much about breast cancer…only that I was going to fight it!"

Jackie H.
Hear Jackie's Story

"Having breast cancer, I had to be strong for my kids, my grandkids and myself!"

Paula R.
Hear Paula's Story

"When they told me I had breast cancer, the only thing I could do was cry!"

Sharon B.
Hear Sharon's Story

"I found a reserve of inner strength that I never thought possible."

Charlotte D.
Hear Charlotte's Story

"I have survived breast cancer twice in my life!"

Deborah G.
Hear Deborah's Story

"Now, if I get a bad haircut, I simply say, 'It will grow back, I’ve been bald!'"

Sherry M.
Hear Sherry's Story

"I know how blessed I was to have a plastic surgeon who worked miracles!"

Kathy B.
Hear Kathy's Story

"Even today, I get choked up talking about my breast cancer."

LoriAnne H.
Hear LoriAnne's Story

"I could not have come this far without my family and friends. They're my heroes."

Nancy S.
Hear Nancy's Story

"Friends and family are the ones you live for, who you fight for!"

Tina E.
Hear Tina's Story

"Every day, I find another reason to be thankful."

Cherie D.
Hear Cherie's Story

"Each week, I volunteer to help women diagnosed with breast cancer."

Diane T.
Hear Diane's Story

"Realizing that my family needed me helped in my recovery."

Cindy C.
Hear Cindy's Story

"It’s a beautiful world on the other side of cancer!"

Lori F.
Hear Lori's Story

"My work family really helped me get through the cancer treatment!"

Patty K.
Hear Patty's Story

"Remember, when your surgery and treatment are over, your life will return to normal."

Carrie B.
Hear Carrie's Story

"Today, it feels great to be alive!"

Lisa A.
Hear Lisa's Story

"In May 2013 while on my lunch break, I received the call nobody wants."

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